General English Subjects

General English Program
BINUS University Language Center offers English Improvement programs for all students

The program is designed to:

Improve spoken fluency and develop a wider range of vocabulary and expression

Develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for everyday communication

Combine English skills while working on projects from a variety of subject areas

Students enrolled at BINUS University are required to follow English programs. They are classified based on their English competency level measured in the beginning, in the middle, at the end of the program, and before graduation.

Class times:
Classes are conducted 100 hours per meeting once or twice a week (depend on the credit) classes normally take place during 9.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday.

Eligibility Requirements:
1. Required for students who are enrolled in any major at BINUS University
2. Students who have a score below the minimum requirements (an equivalence to TOEFL ≥450) are required to take English foundation class
3. Students who have average English ability (an equivalence to TOEFL ≥500 – 550) are required to take the Prerequisite courses
4. Students who have a score above the minimum requirements(an equivalence to TOEFL >550) are eligible to take advanced level classes.

Course facts
1. Students are bound by the rules and regulations applied at BINUS University
2. Students have to attend classes and participate in all activities
3. Students have to meet all requirements before eligible to
follow an examination
4. Students who do not pass the examination are required to retake the class in the next semester.
5. Any late attendance during the examination session will be considered absence and graded zero