About Us

BINUS University Language Center 

BINUS University Language Center was established in 2010 as an enhancement of BINUS Self-Access Language Learning Center (SALLC),  an independent center specifically designed to foster learner’s  self-awareness and confident in learning foreign language.

SALLC, which was located in Anggrek and Kijang campus, was designed to prepare learners to learn foreign language and culture independently from books, magazines, newspapers, dictionaries, academic journals,  multimedia materials (TV, DVDs, cassettes) and the Internet. SALLC also managed a foreign language learning laboratory where learners can use in their own time. Students can learn independently from various language-learning software that will improve learner’s language skills in reading, listening, grammar, and vocabulary.

In 2010 SALLC was changed into Language Center to accommodate  with the new vision and mission of BINUS University. BINUS University Language Center has a new function that is to  ensure the quality of English competencies for students, teachers, and staff’s. This objective is achieved through  a systematically designed and user – focused  curriculum, implementing different kinds teaching methods and assessment, and also establishing extracurricular activities.

Language Center has developed many programs to support BINUS University international goals such as English foundation to boost student’s English basic ability, and English teaching purposes (ETP) to help teachers to deliver their courses in English. BINUS University Language Center developed collaboration with other units such as the IT Dept to develop paperless English testing and establish online learning for teacher’s professional development program.

Besides English, BINUS Language Center also develops a program for learning Bahasa Indonesia to help international students who studied at BINUS University, and professionals who need a comprehensive knowledge about Indonesian language and culture. The Center offers ready-made and customized learning packages to meet the needs of different type of learners. They provide courses as a group classroom lesson, private, and also in-house training.

When COVID 19 Pandemic hit Indonesia In 2021, BINUS University changes its teaching-learning  methods and strategies. BINUS Language Center also has to comply to this changes by creating an App – based language learning program called BeeLingua. Launched in mid 2022, BeeLingua is developed by BINUS University language  teachers and instructors to replace conventional teaching-learning method. Learner’s are encouraged to learn through a mobile app that consists of a set of courses and exercises equal to 12 Credit hours. Due to this change, BINUS Language Center changed its name to Digital Language Learning Center (DLLC) and its main role are to manage digital teaching – learning materials for learners and instructors and to provide support such as professional development for its stakeholders.

In 2022, the DLLC has been working hard to develop Beelingua to become the most interactive and effective app for BINUS University students to learn foreign languages. With continuous improvement and never-ending innovations, we hope Beelingua can provide a solution for BINUS students who need to upgrade their foreign language competencies.

Updated on October 28, 2022