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Language Center BINUS University

Historically, Language Center BINUS University is the enhancement of BINUS Self-Access Language Learning Center (SALLC), a language learning center designed for learners to be self-aware and confident in their own foreign language learning.

SALLC, which is located on the Anggrek and Kijang campus, enable learners to learn from books, foreign magazines and newspapers, dictionaries, and various kinds of scientific journals. Besides printed materials, learners can study through multimedia such as TV, DVDs, cassettes, and the Internet. Above all, a state-of-the-art foreign language learning laboratory is ready to be used for learners. These 70 multimedia computers are already installed with various language-learning software that will improve learner’s ability in reading, listening, grammar, and vocabulary.

In line with the new vision and mission of BINUS University, in 2010 SALLC is changed into Language Center. Now, BINUS University Language Center is responsible for ensuring the quality of the students, teachers, and staff’s English competencies through activities such as designing curriculum, developing different kinds of assessment, and also establishing extracurricular activities for different learners.

Language Center has developed many programs to support BINUS University goals such as English foundation to boost student’s English basic ability, and English teaching purposes (ETP) to help teachers to deliver their courses in English. In order to so, BINUS University Language Center develops collaboration with other units such as the IT Dept to develop paperless English testing and establish online learning for teacher’s professional development program.

For Bahasa Indonesia, BINUS Language Center develops its curriculum based on the needs of the students and the job market. Besides giving internal support, the Language Center also provide Bahasa Indonesia teaching for International students who resided at BINUS Square (BINUS University Dormitory), expatriates and professionals, who need to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Language Center offers many different learning packages and also ready to develop customized learning that may suit the needs of the learners. The training can also in the form of a group classroom lesson, private, and also in-house training.

Updated on May 18, 2021