About Us

The BINUS University Language Facility was founded in 2010 as an expansion of the BINUS Self-Access Language Acquisition Center (SALLC), an autonomous center aimed to improve learners’ self-awareness and confidence in foreign language learning.
The SALLC, which was housed on the Anggrek and Kijang campuses, was intended to equip students to study foreign languages and culture independently using books, magazines, newspapers, dictionaries, academic journals, multimedia materials (TV, DVDs, cassettes), and the Internet.
In addition, SALLC oversaw a laboratory for foreign language study that students could utilize at their own leisure. Students can study alone with language-learning software that enhances reading, listening, grammar, and vocabulary skills.
The SALLC was renamed the Language Center in 2010 to align with BINUS University’s new vision and goal. The BINUS University Language Center’s new function is to ensure that students, faculty, and staff have high-quality English skills. This purpose is addressed by implementing a curriculum that is methodically planned and user-centered, employing a variety of teaching methods and assessment techniques, and providing extracurricular activities.
The Language Center has established numerous programs to promote the international ambitions of BINUS University, such as English foundation to improve students’ English proficiency and English teaching purposes (ETP) to assist instructors in delivering their courses in English.
The BINUS University Language Center collaborated with other departments, such as the IT Department, to develop paperless English testing and establish an online learning program for teachers’ professional development.
In addition to English, the BINUS Language Center provides a curriculum for learning Bahasa Indonesia in order to assist international students who have studied at BINUS University as well as professionals who require a full understanding of the Indonesian language and culture. The Center provides both pre-made and individualized learning packages to satisfy the needs of various types of students. They offer group classroom instruction, private lessons, and in-house training.
As the COVID-19 Pandemic struck Indonesia,  In 2021, BINUS University modifies its instructional strategies and approaches. BINUS Language Center must also comply with these modifications by developing the BeeLingua app-based language learning program. BeeLingua is designed by BINUS University language teachers and instructors to replace conventional teaching-learning methods and will be released in the middle of 2022. Learners are encouraged to utilize a mobile app consisting of 12 Credit hours’ worth of courses and activities.
Due to this change, BINUS Language Center’s name was changed to Digital Language Learning Center (DLLC), and its primary responsibilities are to manage digital teaching-learning materials for learners and instructors, as well as to provide support such as professional development for its stakeholders.
Beelingua is the best interactive and effective app for BINUS University students to learn foreign languages, as determined by the DLLC in 2022.
We expect that Beelingua will be able to give a solution for BINUS students who need to strengthen their foreign language skills through constant development and innovation.