[LC MALANG] The distinction between a journal paper and a conference paper

This article may be the assistance to those of you who enjoy writing or who wish to attempt writing a research paper. It is critical to understand that both genres are about identifying an issue and providing a personalized solution after extensive research and brainstorming sessions. Regardless of this similarity, there are a few more things to consider when writing a conference paper that are distinct from writing a journal paper. What are the distinctions between a conference paper and a journal paper? 

When writing a conference paper, you must stay focused on organizing every point of your ideas and speculations. Because you will be presenting this paper to a group of scholars in person, it must be designed to allow for interaction. A journal paper, on the other hand, is intended for publication. Though this paper, like conference papers, should be highly engaging, it does not face any sessions on face-to-face interactions or debates. A journal paper, as a scholarly article for a periodical publication, aims to reach out to specific scholars. Unlike a conference paper, which is presented verbally, a journal paper is written for publication.  

Conference papers are always collected and published as “proceedings,” which are usually printed by the university that organized the conference, renowned publishers, scholarly associations, or even online. Journal papers, on the other hand, are published in reputable academic journals. The publication schedules of various journals differ. It is important to note that conference papers are either accepted or rejected for presentation and accepted papers will undoubtedly be included in the “proceedings.” This is not the case with journal publishing. The written research paper is reviewed several times before it is published in a journal, and each time you can modify the written content. However, there are no limitations to your creative thinking or expression. 

I hope this information helps you understand the difference between the two types of publication papers; happy writing, everyone 😊 

Lailatul Ri'fah