[SCOPUS] Djuria Suprato – Indonesian EFL Learners’ Performance Using Hybrid Learning: A case study in an Indonesian university

Sidupa, C., Suprato, D.
2019 International Conference of Computer Science and Information Technology, ICoSNIKOM 2019, 2019, 9111530
DOI: 10.1109/ICoSNIKOM48755.2019.9111530

This research was aimed at finding out empirical evidence about whether there was any significant effect of hybrid learning approach on learners’ English language learning performance, especially in listening and reading skills, compared to conventional classroom setting. In addition, this paper reflected upon the problems in the implementation of hybrid learning in higher education setting. Hybrid learning approach recently turns out to be an attractive mode of delivery to many learners because it does not only provide the convenience of a primarily-online course, but also permits meetings with lecturer in person. This was quantitative research and used the quasi-experimental approach. The sample consisted of 265 first-year undergraduates taking English course at one of private universities in Jakarta. The experimental group used the hybrid learning whereas the control group conventional learning. The instrument used in this research was post-test. Data from post-test was analyzed using t-test. Based on the t-test, null hypothesis was accepted. The result indicated that there was no significant difference between learners’ learning performance in their listening and reading skills and two approaches using both traditional face-to-face learning and blended learning. One of the hybrid learning main consideration was the importance of transparent syllabus in the hybrid learning implementation.

LINK: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9111530