[SCOPUS] Aryusmar – The Effect of Differences in Extraction of Cassia Siamea.Lamk Leaves in Etoh 70% and Etoh 90% against the Inhibition of the A-Glucosidase Enzyme

Tanty, H., Aryusmar,, Permai, S.D., Bustanussalam,
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2021, 1752(1), 012056

This research aims at examining the comparison of Different Solvent Extractions on antidiabetic activity tests of Cassia Siamea.Lamk leaf. It conducted in vitro using the α-glucosidase enzyme and maceration technique with ethanol concentration of 70% and 90%. In this case, each ethanol extract was fractionated using ethyl acetate and hexane. The results of the t test statistic are greater than t table of 2.262 and the Sig value is smaller than α of 0.05. Therefore, It found that the difference in average antidiabetic activity for 70% and 90% concentrations in ethanol, ethyl acetate and hexane fractions produced positive values. However, the two ethanol concentrations differ in producing an average antidiabetic activity. Finally, the research concluded that the antidiabetic activity of C.siamea.Lamk leaf extract with an ethanol concentration of 70% is better than ethanol concentration of 90%.