[SCOPUS] Rahmi Yulia Ningsih – Analyzing learning model of BIPA: A case study of students in Vietnam

Kristianus Oktriono, Rahmi Yulia Ningsih, Venansia Ajeng Ariyani Pedo
ICIET ’17: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Information and Education Technology, January 2017 Pages 63–67 https://doi.org/10.1145/3029387.3029416


BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia for Foreign Speakers),as the part of Malayo-Polynesian languages, plays a prominent role in developing students’ communication skills in Vietnam National University. It serves as the barometer in the Indonesian Studies major that required an effective learning model. The learning model constituted salient indicators addressing to all BIPA students in the university. The concern is in accord with the vision and mission of the university, and competitiveness quality for all students regionally. The research intended to advocate a consenting model in learning BIPA effectively, to achieve the maximum target score, and finally to implement the skills for all students for effective communication. The study involved 60 students in the BIPA program. The model of CLIL is applied in BIPA classes. Moreover, the research pinpointed the framework efficacy and the formulation of deliberate strategy involving the approach, method, and technique. The research intertwined eclectic the students with diverse academic disciplines and cultural aspect. This descriptive research implemented the combination of survey method and action research. The expected result envisaged the domain of effective BIPA learning model in attaining specified purpose eventually.