[Workshop] Living Abroad Acculturation – Desember 12, 2017

As a part of internationalization experience, it is crucial for Binusian students to know about what and why do people live abroad and the impact that comes after it, which is acculturation. Having to live outside of own nation and experiencing new culture from other nation means that it is crucial to be able to adapt to that nation’s culture. Seeing this need, Language Center conducted this workshop in order to give insight of experience in living abroad and acculturation.

This workshop was conducted by Language Center on December 12, 2017 at Kemanggisan Campus. The speaker is Mr. Kamaga Masamu, Ph.D. (Engineering at Chiba University), the Japanese Native lecturer from Japanese Department of Bina Nusantara University who has also experience working in Maranatha Christian University and Toshiba. He has successfully share his experience on living abroad as well as the impact of acculturation, especially with the Indonesian language and culture towards him, both personally and professionally.

Based on the questions asked by the participants, it would seem that it is needed for Binusian students to learn more about how to survive living abroad and how to be able to work in an international scope.

Alex Jhon