[SEMINAR] Occupation 101 Teenlit Writer – December 11, 2015

Seminar O101 Teenlit Writer 111215 CPFB

Giving insight on what kind of occupations that Binusians can achieve is one of the reason why Language Center conducted this concepted seminar of occupation.


This Occupation 101 – Teenlit Writer seminar was conducted on December 11, 2015 at Kijang Campus. Kijang Campus itself is the center of literature, language and culture for Binus University, making it an excellent venue for the seminar itself.


Primadonna Angela, an author, editor, and translator from Gramedia Pustaka Utama was kindly enough to share her marvelous experience in writing fiction, handling deadline and writing styles. She lives in Bandung with her husband who is also a television scriptwriter and director. Primadonna Angela has been making a lot of novels, which mostly revolve on teenagers life.


This Seminar Occupation 101 is the first from many more seminar up ahead, and from these sharing sessions, we hope that Binusians will know that there are a lot of potential working areas that they can involved with.