Letter Zap and Pronunciation it


To have good language skills can be done in a fun way , one of which is to make it into the game .

I want introduced a game to improve vocabulary and pronunciation ability.

You as a teacher can do this :

1. Firstly prepare some vocabulary that would like to play, the vocabulary should have 5 or more letters, make a list of the vocabulary.
2. Then write every letter from word vocabulary from the list, make sure that is wide enough, make the distance each letter you write. Because you will make a square for every letter what you wrote.
3. If completed unite into a set , prepare several sets for each group of students whom you want to play. One set for one round.
4. Then make groups of students according to the number of groups set that you have to prepare, distribute one set to each group randomly, one set for one group on session, whenever possible sets that have shared the same number of letters.
5. Every group that has been getting a flash card is required to create words that can be collated with the existing letters , combinations of the composition of at least 4 letters , make a list of words on a piece of paper . Limit the time of preparing these words . After a timeout ask each group to submit the paper to you.
6. Go each group write down a list of vocabulary words that have been made to the board , after that asking each group are pronunciations its together.
7. Groups who have accumulated the largest score of vocabulary and have good pronounciation will winning the game, give a gift for them.

Use another game to improve vocabulary and their pronunciation.