English for Written Business Communication

English for Business Written Communication introduces students to a variety of technical and business writing theories and practices designed to be applicable to the production of business communication in the real world, including business letters, memorandum, electronic mail, good and bad messages, persuasive messages, formal reports and proposals.

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this Course, students will be able to differentiate the style and tone of English business written form, demonstrate the steps in writing some types of written business English, Write different types of written English Business governed by purposes.

Topics related:
1. Achieving success in today’s competitive environment
2. Making your meeting more productive
3. Writing business message using 3 steps writing process
4. Adapting to your audience
5. Composing your message
6. Composing effective email
7. Revising messages
8. Writing process for routine and positive message
9. Creating informative message
10.Writing process for negative message
11.Writing persuasive message
12.Creating effective reports and proposal
13.Planning a proposal