Subject Content Coordinator – General English

Chandra Kurniawan Wiharja

Chandra Kurniawan Wiharja is a passionate teacher who dedicates his passion for teaching and education. He holds a master degree from Diponegoro University – Semarang. He is responsible for English General Subjects (bachelor degree) in Binus University. His experiences in teaching had been started when he joined English First as the teacher of various levels. His teaching opportunity in higher education was started when he served as the Subject Content Specialist (SCS) at Language Center Binus.  His research interests have been published in for some educational topics.

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  1. Hi there, I'm a freshmen in Business IT from BINUS Bekasi. It seems that our class is divided into two groups, one that has above the BUEPT score of 457,and another one that has below that score. I earned a 440, and i think that's not a realistic score because i earned 643 on TOEFL ITP. I have the certificates. Is there any way that i can do to fix this situation? I don't think i belong in that "subpar" classs. Re-checking my entry test or doing it again is some of the solution i can think of. But I'll do anything to prove myself that i don't belong in that class. I've been searching everywhere for solutions and it lead me into going to the language centre to file my complaints. Thanks

    • Dear Revan, Please contact ext.2615 for your complaints. Thank you. Regards, LC