Subject Content Specialist – Bahasa Indonesia & BIPA

Venansia Ajeng Surya Ariyani Pedo, S.Pd., M.Hum.

Venansia Ajeng Surya Ariyani Pedo, called Ajeng, is currently teaching Bahasa Indonesia and BIPA, English Class for students and lecturers in Bina Nusantara University. She graduated from the Sanata Dharma University and the University of Indonesia, mastering Linguistics program. Ajeng is a highly motivated and organized person who is looking for a new challenging role. Joining some projects brings her to learn how to interact and cooperate well with others and it leads her to be accustomed to working totally under pressure. Majoring English language, She performs English communication skills and also familiar with translation, English grammar and PUEBI. To her, the focus in working field lies on giving her very best in accomplishing all the work.

The Project
She had an experience in Field Study on Kreol Tugu as the Team Member (Lecturers and Students), 2014, University of Indonesia, Other than that, She became the Editor of a book entitled Kepunahan Bahasa: Bahasa Kreol Tugu yang Punah dalam Pemertahanan Budaya Tugu, 2016. She actively presented the seminar in National and International Seminar/Conference.


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