Beyond ‘motivation reward’: the use and implications of life points in transformative language learning with the beelingua app



Joice Yulinda Luke, M.Hum 

Language Services and Development Section Head – DLLC  


There are many learning approaches that can increase students’ motivation and active engagement in learning, one of which is the provision of ‘points’ as a learning reward. In learning language with Beelingua App, one of the ‘rewards’ given to Beelingua users is ‘Life Points’. The provision of ‘Life Points’ is not only intended as a reward for the achievement of the learning process, but more than that, Life Points function as a reminder of the learning time limit in 1 cycle / learning period (e.g October – November) for Beelingua users who are actually BINUS students. The amount of ‘Life Points’ given for Beelingua App users is 2 points for non-literary students and 3 points for literary students (English, Japanese, and Chinese).  

The Use of Beelingua’s Life-Points 

The use of Beelingua’s Life Points can be activated from the moment the Beelingua user starts the language learning program on the Beelingua App. This Life-Point will continue to assist participants (Beelingua users) in accessing features in the Beelingua App, starting from the Learning Unit feature, the Check Points quiz feature, and the Course Mastery test feature. With an active Life Points, all access to the Beelingua app can be easily (like one click) accessed. However, when the Life Points are reduced or even run out, Beelingua participants (users) certainly have limited access to features in Beelingua, especially the ‘Course Mastery’ Test feature which is determining feature for success in learning languages with the Beelingua App.  

Implications when Life-Points are Reduced or Run Out.  

If the Life-Point decreased by 1, then the Beelingua user needs to immediately complete all Unit features (8 units with 5 activities per unit), Quiz Check Point features (3 Check Points) and Course Mastery Test features (1 CM) with the remaining Life Points owned before the period / learning journey with the Beelingua App ends. If you take the Course Mastery (CM) test when you only have 1 Life Point left, then the Beelingua user must do the test well with a minimum passing score of 66. If you have not reached a minimum passing score of 66, then the Beelingua user must immediately Re-Activate the Life Points, so that you can take the Course Mastery (CM) test.  

If the Life Point runs out or is zero (0), then the Beelingua user is required to activate the Life Point by first making a payment (resubscription) of Rp.50,000 if it is still within the Beelingua period (less than 2 months) or paying Rp. 100,000 if the the learning period has passed 2 months, or entering a new period (the next 2 months). When Life Points run out or zero (0), Beelingua users cannot access all features including the Course Mastery (CM) test feature. If the user (user) has not taken the Course Mastery test during the zero Life Point period, it is certain that the user is declared INCOMPLETE and must activate Life Points to complete 1 cycle / journey of language learning with the Beelingua App. 

At the end, proper and wise utilization of Life Points can help you achieve success in transformative language learning through the Beelingua application. So, there is nothing to worry about anymore, dear students. Let’s embrace your success with language learning with the Beelingua App. For more information, please communicate with our Beelingua staff in Meet and Ask Beelingua session by fill-out the form in the link