[LC MALANG] PowerPoint and how it helps students to deliver a presentation (Part 2)

PowerPoint or PPT is a presentation-based program used by millions of people for various purposes and settings, including in an academic context. How does PowerPoint help students to deliver a presentation? Below are some perspectives from BINUSIAN in Jakarta about how PowerPoint helps them to improve their presentation performance.   

“PowerPoint helps to pinpoint the main idea of the materials given by the presenter. It allows people to see a glimpse of the topic discussed.” (Alyssa Lani Lesmana) 

 “PowerPoint allows you to catch the attention of audience using visual effects. It is also highly recommended for speakers that may find presentations stressful. It can help overcome the fear of public speaking by making the audience focus on the PowerPoint rather than the presenter. (Carolyn Aurelia Widya) 

 “PowerPoint helps me to show something interesting in a presentation. It catches the audience’s attention which can make your presentation listened. It is also one of the simplest and easiest ways to make your presentation more eye-catching. There are many ways to accomplish the goal, such as with illustration, data, or media like videos or animations.” (Amor Altra Putratama) 

 “PowerPoint presentation also helps me with the structured content. In my opinion, having a proper structure in a presentation is important and useful because it prevents you from losing focus and getting sidetracked.” (Vania Annora Charrista) 

 “Visual aids such as PowerPoint can help us deliver a more compelling presentation because the audience can receive information visually and verbally. Visual aids such as images, charts, and graphs can simplify the main point of the presentation. Not only that, the design of the PowerPoint can create the atmosphere of the presentation and compel certain types of audiences. For example, visual aids that are bright and colorful can catch younger audiences’ attention, but such design will not be appropriate in a business presentation for adults.” (Hansen Windarta) 

 “PowerPoints help anchor the audience’s memory to checkpoints in your (engaging) discussion. Lapses of inattention is common, so by providing these slides, you can guide those who were lost in thought back into the fray. A PowerPoint is merely a tool that will help a presentation, but not as powerful as how a speaker can use themselves to engage an audience.” (Samuel Wilbert Suwandi) 

~ Keep learning & keep growing! ~

Nina Amalia Nurichsania, M.Pd.