In the IELTS Speaking part, the test takers are assessed in their fluency and coherency, lexical resources, grammatical range & accuracy, and pronunciation. To get an optimal score, the candidate should pay attention to all the scoring aspects. This short article presents some useful tips to help you perform better in your IELTS Speaking. 

1. Elaborate your answer  

Do not give too short answer. You always have to extend your answer. Try to provide reason, example, or illustration to make your answer clearer.  

 2. Do not talk off topic 

It is true that you have to elaborate your answer, but do not speak out of topic. Before elaborating your answer, make sure you provide the main answer first. Then, you can develop your content based on the main answer.   

 3. Try to use synonym 

You need to show that you have large vocabulary bank. So, do not use the same words over and over again.  

 4. Do not repeat the question 

Try to directly answer the question without repeating part of the question. For example: 

(?) What is your favorite music? 

(+) I love jazz because that type of music is … 

*Do not say: “My favorite music is Jazz because …”

 5. Be calm and relax 

It is very normal to feel nervous, but when you are nervous you will not be able to think clearly. So, try to find a way to feel at ease.   

Candrika C. Sari, S.Pd., M.App.Ling.