[LC MALANG] Scoring Rubric for IELTS Speaking: An Overview

There are four main aspects in the IELTS speaking rubric: (1) Fluency and Coherency, (2) Lexical Resource, (3) Pronunciation, (4) Grammatical Range and Accuracy. Here is some explanation of each aspect and some useful tips to improve your score.  

1. Fluency and Coherency (FC) à how clear and structured your speech 

Tips on increasing FC score:

  • Expand your answers by adding relevant details. 
  • Connect your sentences by linking words and sign points 
  • Do not speak too fast or too slow.  
  • Use pausing correctly.  

 2. Lexical Resource (LR)  à how good is your vocabulary 

Tips on increasing LR score :

  • Use wide range of vocabulary (Try not to overused certain vocabulary, instead try to use the synonyms) 
  • Use some idiomatic expression and two phrasal verbs 
  • Discuss different topics, using appropriate words. 

 3. Pronunciation (P) à how clear and naturally you sound 

  • Pronounce words a clearly as possible. 

 4. Grammatical Range and Accuracy à how good is your grammar

Tips on increasing FC score:

  • Pay attention to the questions to determine the appropriate tenses to respond to the questions. 
  • Try to use more advanced grammatical structures (passive voice, conditional, comparative, etc.) 
Candrika C. Sari, S.Pd., M.App.Ling.