[LC MALANG] PowerPoint and how it helps students to deliver a presentation (Part 1)

One of the widely used Microsoft Office products is PowerPoint, abbreviated as PP or PPT. Few people know that PowerPoint was originally established by a startup called Forethought, Inc. by Robert Gaskin and Dennis Austin and published on April 20th, 1987. Initially, the startup programmed PowerPoint for Macintosh. However, three months after its creation, the company was bought by Microsoft. That was well-known as the most expensive acquisition by Microsoft during that time. Later in 1990, the first version of the program, Ms. PowerPoint 2.0 was introduced by Microsoft. The program has been upgraded gradually and become a more powerful tool to deliver a presentation. How does a PPT help students to do a presentation? Let’s hear from BINUSIAN in Malang! 

 “PowerPoint helps your presentation to be more alive, as PowerPoint can make the presentation less boring, and it can attract the audience’s attention.” (Javier Tristan) 

 “In a presentation, it will be much more efficient if we provide the pictures for the audience so that they can grasp the information presented much more easily, and that is where a PowerPoint comes in handy. Not only that it provides pictures and the structure with ease, but PowerPoint also helps the presentation go smoother. Also, PowerPoint provides interesting features and designs to maintain the audience’s attention to the presentation.” (Anavelle Catherine Alexandra) 

 “Using a PowerPoint can help the audience to understand the big picture or the main idea about the topic and allows us to catch the audience’s attention using visual aids. PowerPoint can also help the speaker to focus on presenting the topic in order. However, this is only possible if we use PowerPoint effectively. Common mistakes like full sentences in slides and reading the slides during a presentation will make the presentation boring and too wordy.” (Adelaide Evania Sofjial) 

 “For me, PowerPoint helps me to highlight the main points of my presentation. That way, the audience can keep up with the presentation and not get lost in the explanation. I also think that it can be used to gather the attention of the audience. For that reason, PowerPoint should be made differently depending on the audience. If the audience is kids, we can use more colorful visuals to grab their attention. Meanwhile, if the audience is adult, we can create the PowerPoint with earth-tone or soothing visual to suit their interest.” (Kennan Goretti) 

 ~ Keep learning & keep growing ~

Nina Amalia Nurichsania, M.Pd.