[LC MALANG] English Training for Basic Communication

Along with the development of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia, the growth of organizations that oversee MSMEs is also expected to be able to accommodate their members to be able to take part on a wider scale. The East Java Indonesian Women Homeworkers Network (the so-called JPPRI) is a women’s organization whose members focus on home-based economic business practices, such as tailors, traders, health workers, and various other skills. The work of this organization has reached Southeast Asia and its surroundings so one of the most important skills to own is being able to communicate using English. However, the business growth was not in line with the English language abilities of its members. They were still hindered by the lack of English language skills for basic communication.

On that basis, this English language training is needed to prepare them for expanding their business network to an international scale. Responding to this need, English lecturers in Language Centre (LC) BINUS Malang held an English language training from April 2nd to June 5th, 2022 focusing on basic English practices through WhatsApp. Thus, the training is entitled “English Training for Basic Communication”. Based on the results of the learners’ need analysis, there were eight main topics offered in the training, which were 1) introduction, 2) personal details, 3) describing people, 4) describing things, 5) daily routine and time, 6) in the kitchen, 7) daily housekeeping activities, and 8) asking and giving direction. Those topics aim to equip the participants with basic English communication skills to expand their business network internationally. After mastering English for basic level business communication, participants are expected to be able to carry on basic English communication and build good relationship with their potential clients.

[ Keep learning & keep growing! ]
Nina Amalia Nurichsania, M.Pd.