[LC MALANG] Conference paper: Developing Online English Training for Indonesian Female Home Workers


Asih Zunaidah, Lailatul Rifah, Nina Amalia Nurichsania 

Community development has been in the spotlight worldwide as many countries attempt to promote equality and sustainability within social and economic aspects. Indonesia has also taken part in this effort; the government works with practitioners and educators to develop Indonesian
communities. Indonesian Female Homeworker Network, also called Jaringan Perempuan Pekerja Rumahan Indonesia (JPPRI), is one of the communities striving for improvement to face the globalization challenges. Based on the need analysis result, members of JPPRI lacked English
communication skills to grow and expand their businesses globally. Responding to the fact, the researchers designed a virtual English training program through WhatsApp to empower the community accordingly. This study employed 5 phases of the ADDIE model comprising analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. The finding revealed that the participants’ English competencies showed a significant improvement after two cycles of the instructional design. Additionally, WhatsApp as the major teaching-learning aid did not contribute to the success of the training, but the teaching strategies and the ADDIE model.

Keywords— Indonesian Female Homeworker Network, online English training, ADDIE model, WhatsApp.

2021 1st Conference on Online Teaching for Mobile Education, OT4ME 2021 Pages 63 – 672021 1st Conference on Online Teaching for Mobile Education, OT4ME 2021Virtual, Online22 November 2021 through 25 November 2021

Asih Zunaidah