[LC BANDUNG] Tips on finding the right topic to write for you!

When you are in the middle of a writing process, it can be an article or a thesis. Have you ever hit a wall and been at a loss for words? There will likely be times when you find yourself at a loss for words and unable to progress in your writing. It’s not because you’re a lousy writer; you don’t know how to pick a good topic. Choosing the right topic is critical to completing your writing successfully. Everyone has their own right topic, don’t they? You must think for yourself by looking at yourself.

 There are so many topics in this world that can be written. Imagine that in the middle of a forest, you will see many things, creatures, animals, plants, and even inanimate objects. They are all a topic that you can write. Can you write all at once? The answer is NO. Your first step is to look at one object and focus on it. If you choose a pine tree, keep going to focus on it without looking at another object. That is how we should write, focus on one topic only. The question is, how do we choose the appropriate topic for ourselves? There are two topics that are appropriate for you: topics you enjoy the most and topics you know the most.

The topic that you enjoy the most means you may choose the topic you like the most. It will get easier to write something you like, trust me! It will get easier to write your favorite person, why you like them, what they do so that you like them, how they look, how they behave, you can write everything about them that you won’t lack any idea. That’s the power of love! So, start to look into yourself and ask what you enjoy and like the most in this world. For example, when you enjoy designing something, you might write about designing, or maybe if you like to speak in front of many people, you may write something about public speaking. Well, if you have seen it, start to write!

The next one is the topic you know the most. Let’s be back to the previous example. You will write smoothly when you write about someone or something you know the most, your favorite person, for example. Because you have known them, you have the information in your mind that the thing you need to do is outline the ideas and write them down. When you are familiar with a topic, you have the background knowledge about the topic, you know where to find the approval data, and you can give personal comments on the topic because you know it well.

To sum up, choosing the appropriate topic is crucial to writing successfully. There are a vast number of subjects that can be written about in the world. There are two appropriate topics for you: topics you enjoy the most and topics you are most knowledgeable about. The topic you enjoy the most allows you to select the topic you enjoy the most. Your writing will be smooth when you write about someone or something you are most familiar with.

Yella Dezas Perdani