Karya Ilmiah: Rancangan Pengembangan Aplikasi Bank Sampah Kertas Berbasis Mobile

Keren Hosanna Birila, Dexter Valerian Krisnadhi, Peter Pratama Mulyadi, Richie Hartono, Stephanie Anastasia Makmur, Rahmi Yulia Ningsih, dan Chairani Putri Pratiwi


Trash has become a problem for society from time to time, paper waste is no exception. Various efforts have been made to minimize obstacles related to waste, one of which is the procurement of a waste bank. However, the waste bank still has weaknesses so that it is not optimal in
overcoming the waste problem. Based on these problems, a solution emerged in the form of developing a prototype design for a paper waste bank application. Through the 2D method which includes Define and Design, the researchers developed a prototype of the paper waste bank application using the Figma application. Through this research, the results obtained in the form of a prototype of the paper waste bank application with features that answer the weaknesses of the waste bank and other additional features as added value from the application. With this paper waste bank application, it is hoped that it can overcome community problems related to waste while increasing public awareness about environmental hygiene.

Keywords: trash; waste bank; mobile applications; prototypes.