[SCOPUS] Kiky Soraya – Immensely apprehensive students’ views on the effectiveness of collaborative group writing to lessen evaluation apprehension

Luke, J.Y., Soraya, K.
Advanced Science Letters, 2016, 22(5-6), pp. 1695–1697
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1166/asl.2016.6733′

The purpose of this study is to describe immensely apprehensive students’ views on the effectiveness of Collaborative Group Writing (CGW) to lessen evaluation fear in essay writing. There were 10 (ten) immensely apprehensive students who took part in this study. All of the students were similar in terms of level of English, intermediate, TOEFL Scores above 500, and joined the same program called BINUS Pre-Univ English Programs. The research method of this study is a descriptive qualitative that scrutinized the findings through surveys using simplified version of Daly Miller (1984) Writing Apprehension Test and Farrah (2011) Writing in Group Test. The results of analysis shows that majority immensely apprehensive students examined liked to adopt Collaborative Group Writing (CGW) to accomplish writing assignments, particularly essays. At the same time, the findings of the study prove Collaborative Group Writing was effective to help immensely apprehensive students reducing the evaluation apprehension the students encountered with during completion of essays. Findings of the study also contribute positively in English Language Learning situations where students may vary in terms of knowledge of writing process. English lecturers may also take benefit of Collaborative group writing as a proper method for motivating students to like writing activities.

LINK: https://www.ingentaconnect.com/contentone/asp/asl/2016/00000022/f0020005/art00145