[SCOPUS] Kiky Soraya – Collaborative teaching and attention-getting: Challenges and best practices for teaching immense size-classes

Luke, J.Y., Soraya, K.
Advanced Science Letters, 2016, 22(12), pp. 4234–4236
DOI: 10.1166/asl.2016.8113

Managing immense size-classes are challenging for some lecturers. One of the big problems is that getting students’ attention. Since students are huge in numbers, it is not easy to gain the students’ focus of the lesson. The purpose of this study is to describe the challenges and best practices used by Collaborative Teaching (co-teaching) lecturers in gaining students’ attention in immense size classes. There were two Bina Nusantara university lecturers involved in this study. The research method of this study is a descriptive qualitative that scrutinized the findings through self-surveys using interviews and classroom observations. The results of the analysis show that Collaborative Teaching (Co-Teaching) could not be performed well in the immense sizeclasses. One striking factor leading to the ineffectiveness of Collaborative Teaching (Co-teaching) was the big number of students about 200–600 each class that results in an uncontrolled condition of retaining students’ attention. To deal with the obstacles, Co-teaching lecturers reformed the course content performance by using creative demonstration i.e., videos and games, and also developed conducive learning environment by giving proper reward and punishment. Thus, findings of the study will contribute positively to classroom management since it will supply positive and constructive apprehensions for lecturers encountered managing large class problems. Likewise, students of the large classes would understand the lesson better.