[SCOPUS] Aryusmar – Re-conceptualizing holistic assessment of culture-based learning of English as a foreign language in higher education for the 21st-century classroom

Aryusmar,, Afifah, W.
International Journal of Information and Education Technology, 2019, 9(11), pp. 794–798
doi: 10.18178/ijiet.2019.9.11.1306

Along with the need for assessment of English as a foreign language learning with cultural focus, some theories in this field should be re-examined and adapted. Additionally, the 21st- century classroom is also more dynamic thus the assessment that will be used by the English lecturer must be well comprehensive. To do this, the new classroom condition of the 21st-century is used as the basic consideration of learners’ needs. Therefore, the re-conceptualizing holistic assessment for culture-based English as a foreign language learning should be based on the integration of the modern assessment such as self-assessment, peer-assessment, authentic assessment, classroom assessment, and the objective assessment either formative and summative assessment. Finally, the implementation of holistic assessment can be done using online assessment or web-based assessment in which lecturer can directly upgrade the existing assessment to be blended model of assessment.

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