[SCOPUS] Aryusmar – Analysis model of development functional requirement knowledge management cycle for performance business competitiveness in Indonesia small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs)

Siregar, J.J., Aryusmar,
International Journal of Entrepreneurship, 2019, 23(4)

The presence of business owner in the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is the most important part of the economy at Indonesia. The contribution of the micro, small and medium (SMEs) business sector to the gross domestic product increased from 57.84 percent to 60.34 percent in the last five years at Indonesia (Departement Perdangan R.I, 2008). The current information of development a creative industry, the role of the Knowledge Management System (KMS) to manage knowledge in small and medium businesses in increasing insight and sales in various fields continues to be done. The aims of this research is to analyse the benefits of discussion forum as a process of transforming tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge that exists in SMEs businesses through the SMEs knowledge management portal. The research methodology used is explanatory research with quantitative methods. Data collection techniques in the form of a questionnaire using a semantic differential scale (semantic differential scale) and the population of this study is the SMEs, amount to 204 people spread over Jabodetabek. Inferential statistical analysis using the Structural Equation Model (SEM). The result of this investigation is the Knowledge Management Tools discussion forum (MF) has positive affect on the increase in individual knowledge (KI) and has positive affect the willingness to share knowledge (SK) so that it’s affects to the willingness for use Knowledge Management (WKM) system. The benefits of discussion forum have a positive effect on creative business ideas (CS), but it’s doing not have a positive effect to willingness for use Knowledge Management (WKM) system.