Language Center Holds English Tutor 2019 Training

Language Center once again welcomed the brand new English Tutor 2019 of FYP B2023 in a two-day training which was held on September 4 and 11, 2019. On the first day, the tutors got acquainted with fellow ET and Internal Team in an attractive game. The training started with two sessions brought by Ms. Devina, which explained about some useful applications for English Language Teaching, and Ms. Esti Rahayu, which concentrated on classroom management. A session by Mr. Alex Jhon about public speaking closed the training day-1 which was held at the newly-opened Kijang Function Chamber (KFC).


Training day-2 was brought by Ms. Hilda and the Internal Teams as the materials were focusing on how to tutor as an ET in “English Tutor 101”, some of the basic rules and knowledge about English Session, and last but not least they got the chance to do the demo teaching. This annual activity aims to prepare the English Tutor in every aspect of the learning and knowledge that they need in order to make them ready and capable to be a great English Tutor for the Freshmen.