Presentation In English Contest 2018

Hello readers! Let me ask you a question, what comes into your mind when you hear the word Global language? Are you thinking of English? Well, congratulations! English is indeed one of the six official language of United Nations and the most common foreign language learned by us, Indonesians. Well in BINUS University, we also encourage not only the students but also the lecturers and even the faculty staffs to learn and speak English.  Specifically the non-English Department students are required to take English MKU Courses during their first year. But, what fun do you get if you just go to a class, listen to your lecturer all day, do the assignments and the exams, and go home? Right?

That’s why, in 2018 Language Center teaming up with BNEC conduct a competition event to stimulate the sense of competitiveness and self-confidence in practicing English. This event is called “Presentation In English Contest 2018” In this event, students are able to register for FREE but of course this only applies for those who are taking the English Savvy and English For Written Business Communication courses. The competition is about delivering a good presentation in English. There are two types of competition here; the first one is English Savvy group with the topic of “Inspiring People” and the second group is English for Written Business Communication with the topic of “Leaflet Design”.

What is it? You are not confident enough to speak in public? Well, don’t worry! Few days before the competition event, we invited the participants to a coaching session about Public Speaking with BNEC. It’s common to have a stage fright or fear in speaking in front of many people, but hey, they are many people who have overcome it so I believe you can do it too.

Take a look at the presenters above. They were nervous but still they did their best. Even the First winners said they didn’t think they would win!