[Foreign Language] Workshop “How To Say It In Ukrainian?”


Another Foreign Language 101 program entitled “How to say it in Ukrainian?” was held in Alam Sutera Main Campus (A0707), May 05th 2015, from 15.00-17.00. The supervisor for this event is Alex Jhon, S.S., M.Hum. (Lecturer Specialist Language Center). The speaker (and tutor) of this workshop is an inbound student from Ukraine, Kostyantyn Turchak.


During this workshop, Kostia (nickname) shares about his country culture, Cyrillic alphabets, and basic Ukrainian conversation.



There are ten participants who joined this workshop. They come from many majors and academic year.


This is the second time, Language Center held a Foreign Language 101 workshop. There will be more to come. Do you want to know other countries’ language and culture? Do wait for our updates on these programs!