[Foreign Language] Workshop “How To Say It In Korean?”


Language Center would like to expand its insight with foreign languages outside English. This time we created a concept where Binusians could be familiarized with foreign language beside English. For this first Foreign Language 101 Workshop, we implemented concept on Korean language!

The event takes place in Alam Sutera Main Campus (A0603), May 29th 2015, from 15.00 – 17.00. The supervisor for this event is Alex Jhon, S.S., M.Hum. (Lecturer Specialist Language Center) and the speakers are inbound students from South Korea, Kim Hyeyeong (left) and Kim Suhyun (right).

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There are 16 participants in this HTSII Korean? Workshop. Each one of them were taught Hangeul characters, basic conversation and Korean traditions ranging from music, fashion and famous sites.

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This first Foreign Language 101 workshop is the first from many more to come in the future. Do you want to know the language and culture of many nations? Do wait for our updates on these programs!

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