Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Language Learning: Is it a friend or foe? What can technology do in building the attitude of language learners?

After the invention of PC and the internet, smart phones and tablet PC are the common gadgets that can be easily found among people in Indonesia. Besides its advantages, these instruments change the way users communicating to the others. Preliminary observation suggests that students who used IT gadgets have developed a different attitude compared to those who are not. In writing for example, students who are very depended on communication gadget will do better in typing rather than in handwriting. They also change their attitude toward textbook. If they want to read, they will look for the digital version through smart phone or tablet PC rather than bringing books. From the writer’s point of view, it is believed that the characteristic of these gadgets has influenced the way most young teenagers act, talk, and behave. Students who are heavily depended on gadgets have lack their ability in providing proper communication, especially in delivering proper expression of politeness toward other people. The analysis of this paper will provide a clearer picture on the effect of certain technology toward the behavior of language learners at BINUS University. The data will be gathered through random observation English students at BINUS University and interview with selected English teachers.